Upload all files to your server.

Change permission of following folders to 777.

chmod 777 /cache_xml
chmod 777 /templates_c

Edit config.php, line 5. Set to your website url.

\$config['website_url'] = 'http://www.yourdomain.extn';

Edit keywords.php

On line 3. Set your keyword for front page

\$frontpage_keyword = "Bollywood Videos";

On line 5, enter your keyword list

Run remove_xml_cache.php. For security reason, you may rename it to other name like remove_xml_cache_secretword.php

As an optional, you may set cron job to run this script.

0 0 * * * GET http://www.yourdomain.extn/remove_xml_cache.php > /dev/null

To edit advertisements, modify following files in "templates/default" folder.

* banner_top.html
* banner_bottom.html
* banner_sidebar.html
* banner_inner_list.html