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vShare 2.9 - Video Sharing Script

Start Your own video sharing site like YouTube (YouTube Clone)

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Price: $10.00

What is vShare

vShare is a YouTube Clone script that allow you to run your own video sharing portal like, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Google Video, Yahoo Video and others

vShare allow your visitors to upload, view, share video clips, comment and bookmark other video's.

vShare convert user uploaded video to .flv format, this allow streaming of video with flash player.

Video sites are making tons of money. Metacafe received 17 millions venture capital for its site, just to have a site like this. Vsocial, Youtube, Videomotion and DailyMotion make tons of money, and now you can too with a little imagination and application.

Now even Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL launched YouTube clone sites, because they make good money. It is estimated that in 2010 these sites will reach 17.2 billion dollars and will start replacing TVs...

Why Buy vShare

When you buy vShare YouTube clone, you will get 1 Year FREE update and bug fix.

We are working on to add new features like

  • Multiple Templates
  • Better Flash Player
  • Support for Multiple Servers
  • and many more...


Fmpeg (
Mplayer + Mencoder (
flvtool2 (
Libogg + Libvorbis (
LAME MP3 Encoder (
Click here for details

NOTE: Not all shared web hosting support requirement for YouTube Clone Script.

You can get web hosting with support for YouTube clone script from

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